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Visions and Books - The Third of Its Kind (Apil 2, 2022)

2022 Visions and Books Eat And Greet!!!

Lissha Sadler did the "Dang Thang". This event was an amazing display of literary creatives and their works. Authors from all over the US came together to convene and "show out".

Held at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel, the ambiance was just right.

Check out the RECAP of this amazing event.

Featured Authors: En Joy aka Joylynn M. Ross, Nika Michelle, Stephanie Fazekas-Hardy, Silk White, Author Shaun Sinclair, Taisha Demay, Andrew Hess, Kim Carter aka Kim Herron, Anna Black, Teresa B Howell, Larry Smith, Kenni York aka Kenyetta York-Lynch, Ni'cola Mitchell, Terrie Terrie 'BossLady' Branch, Blake Karrington, Piper G Huguley, LaJill Hunt

Video Credit: JBeanz912

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Lissha Sadler
Lissha Sadler
Apr 14, 2022

Whoop Whoop

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