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What is "It's Consulting Time: Back to the Basics  (B2TB)"?

This curriculum-based show shines a light on public education surrounding civics, community organizing, and trending topics, to support transforming cultures & sub-cultures while building self-sufficiency and generating collective impact.

Lillie Mae hosts two audio-visual platforms, It's Consulting Time and All Things Authentic. Through each platform, Lillie Mae seeks to support and enhance the personal growth and development of viewers and listeners, through intentional conversations and self-disclosure.


It's Consulting Time is an audio-visual talk show which provides an outlet for all Creatives to speak consciously and freely. This show features interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, a variety of artists, and other global influences. These platforms serve to support and enhance the art and works of all Creatives while honoring their contributions to the community. It's Consulting Time airs on Tuesdays at 7 PM EST.

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It's CONSULTING Time with Lillie Mae

It's CONSULTING Time with Lillie Mae

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