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Lillie Mae Jones Hungers for Justice

"Purpose over Popularity" is a recurring theme for Lillie Mae.

She was raised on traditionalist values: Morals, Safety, Security, and Consistency

Hardwork, Loyalty, Respect for Authority, Willpower

Core Areas of Emphasis, Focus and Services

  • Behavioral Health: ADHD and Autism

  • Criminal Justice 101: Courts, Cops, and Corrections

  • Disability Advocacy and Inclusion

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

  • Exceptional Education: The Basics of Special Education in Public Schools

  • Millennial Caregiving: Dementia & Alzheimer's

  • Social Justice

  • Vocational Education: Education and Entertainment

Presentation on Kohlberg's Theory of Moral ReasoningLillie Mae
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Conversations of race and racism are necessary to address the issue of colorblindness in the presence of White teachers in a predominantly African American classroom setting. This project addresses the question: How will the intentional inclusion of discussions regarding race and racism impact the classroom climate in a setting where the majority of students are African-American and the teacher is White?


Activism and Education

Lillie Mae has spent countless hours, days, weeks, and years searching for answers to the root cause of so many societal ills. She always reverts back to Travis Hirsch's Social Bond Theory and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

ALL THINGS AUTHENTIC, Inc. is Ready & Working.
The Road Less Traveled #TRLT is a #Major Iniative

Stay Tuned

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