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It's Consulting Time and ID104 Radio Correspondents, Dominique Perry and Takim Watson, absolutely enjoyed the exclusive screening of HBCU’S RISING presented by Toyota Tundra with J.R. Smith on Tuesday, July 12th at The Dottie at Triumph Station in Fayetteville, GA.

PHOTO CREDIT: Paras Griffin / Getty Images.

Let's learn a little bit more:

After a successful sixteen-year career in professional basketball, two-time NBA champion J.R. Smith has decided to return to school enrolling at the renowned HBCU North Carolina A&T State University to pursue his undergraduate degree. HBCU’S RISING presented by Toyota Tundra is a short form docu-series featuring J.R. Smith where he takes viewers around the university to share everything he loves about the culture and community. As we follow him on this journey, we will meet members of the NC A&T community who share the special traditions, cultural events and rich history which make this HBCU experience truly unique.

Let us remember the importance of HBCU’s historically, in today’s world, and the future. J.R. Smith’s “More Than An Athlete” journey as he attends an HBCU & specifically NC A&T is well presented through this creative work. Finally, the power of the UNINTERRUPTED Mission is to empower athletes from all walks of life to communicate in an unimpeded way and to be More Than an Athlete and YOU will see this when you are watching.

PHOTO CREDIT: Paras Griffin / Getty Images.

ABOUT UNINTERRUPTED: UNINTERRUPTED is a Sports Emmy winning athlete empowerment media, experiences and consumer product brand that is part of The SpringHill Company, the media conglomerate spearheaded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter with the mission to empower greatness in every individual. UNINTERRUPTED’s original content properties, including UNINTERRUPTED The Shop, Kneading Dough and More Than An Athlete, are impacting culture and inspiring important conversations within and beyond sport and entertainment. UNINTERRUPTED is upending the world of sports media by working with athletes to tell unique, human stories from their point of view. Through content, merchandise, events, partnerships and educational opportunities, UNINTERRUPTED is changing the way athletes engage with the public and empowering them to be known and valued for more than the sport they play(ed).

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