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Tony Aye Artistry Foundation Took Downtown Baltimore By Storm #MotorHouse

(Baltimore, MD) On Saturday, July 1st, Tony Aye Artistry Foundation hosted its Inaugural Indie Fest at Motor House in Baltimore, MD. This program presented a diverse program packed with music, spoken word, and dance. During the morning and afternoon segments, talent was family-friendly and featured acts spanned from the ages of 8 to 68 years of age.

Industry Night, on June 30th, was the precursor for Saturday's main event. This presentation featured industry advocates, music executives, and creative arts personnel.

Anthony Avery, the creator, and founder of Tony Aye Artistry Foundation Inc., created this community to ensure ALL Independent Artists are S.A.F.E. (Supported, Affirmed, Fueled, Empowered). Tony Aye Artistry is committed to giving back to the community, not only by empowering Artists to bring creativity to their towns and cities but also by providing arts advocacy events, workshops, fundraising events, sponsorships of small working Arts related businesses, Arts education, and more.

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