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ShowBizEnt’s…The Showroom

The Showroom is headed by David ‘Showbiz’ Rosario. A pioneer in promotions well before the current digital era. From Tommy Boy Record’s to Sony Music, Showbiz has done the legwork for his success.

Since 2006, Rosario has been networking and building a stellar team of creatives and professionals here in Atlanta. ShowBizEnt has built a network which extends in all areas of media from tv and movies to politics and philanthropic endeavors. With Showroom ATL, he has created the ultimate space for creatives and production. This special approach at brand management is ahead of the curve in the indie realm of entertainment.

The Showroom is a special place where artists and creatives can find a warm, supportive environment to hone all areas of their Brand under one roof. The design of each space shows the care and thought out into all collaborations. The care and support that artists and producers alike need to be successful can be found here with ShowBizent. With the ability to a offer one stop for Promotional products, podcast spaces, an amazing sound stage for green screen as well as a custom state of the art recording studio, Showroom ATL is the space to reach all of your potential as artist or producer in entertainment.


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