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Patrick Carroll, "Uncle Pat", Pulls Up in #ATL and Makes Sneaker Dreams Come True

(ATLANTA, GA) What is so meaningful about shoes? Shoes are protective barriers for our feet, knees, back and so much more, especially as we age. For children and adolescents, the right pair of sneakers can mean a world of difference in their self-esteem and school experience.

Patrick Carroll, CEO of the Carroll Organization, wanted to do something amazing to help children in respective communities across the country. He teamed up with Boys & Girls Clubs in 10 different states and now he is giving $100,000 worth of shoes to 10 Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States. Teaming up with influencer Benjamin “Ben” Kickz to fulfill this vision makes this endeavor ingenious and prolific. On Thursday, March 23rd, the children at the Warren Boys & Girls Club in Southeast Atlanta were stunned and utterly grateful to have a "choice" amongst more than 25 different brands and styles of shoes.

The opportunity to choose was very significant. Yes, the kids had a choice. No one stood there and gave them what they wanted them to have. M. Patrick Carroll and so many staff of the Carroll Organization took devoted time with each child. More than 100 children were granted individualized service while picking their desired pair of shoes.

Now, these kids are ready for spring AND summer.

Why is this so significant? It was intentional. It was genuine. It was pure.

The DJ set the afternoon off with the latest and the greatest tunes to keep everyone turned up. And, not to mention "Blooper" showed up and surprised the children. You know Blooper, right? The Atlanta Braves mascot.

From organized activities on the field to playtime in the gym and fellowship in the homework room, dreams came true at the Warren Boys & Girls Club. Walk a mile in their shoes and I promise you will not tire.

He's not JUST a real estate mogul or JUST a billionaire. Patrick Carroll is the epitome of a philanthropist and the kid's newfound uncle. "Uncle Pat", we salute you.

There was no greater feeling on Thursday, March 23rd than seeing the smiling, surprised faces of so many children from elementary-to-high school.

If you missed this fantastic event, you certainly missed a treat.

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24 mar 2023
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That is definitely wonderful for those kids. Wow. Look at God!

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