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Ownership + Education = JW Realty & JWR Learning Center (4/9/2022)

On, Saturday, April 9th, 2022, the ribbon was cut on JW Realty & JWR Learning Center. Watching Janelle and her daughter, Blake, cut the ribbon was heartfelt and powerful.

JW Realty is owned and operated by Qualifying Broker Janelle Weithers, who is a force to be reckoned with in these Real Estate streets.

The SHE-EO has been in Real Estate for 10 years, has sold multiple $600,000 homes, and she has touched over 3000+ contracts making her come highly recommended and the go-to source for first-time home buyers and first-time motivated sellers.

About Janelle Weithers

As the Owner of J Withers Realty, LLC- a firm centered on education, experience, and excellence, Janelle continually aligns herself with like-minded individuals with the aim of redefining customer service standards while helping people realize their property goals. A servant leader and creative problem solver at heart, Janelle is most proud of having built a space where other realtors can grow and thrive, taking their business to the next level. Committed to cultivating a team spirit that brings out the best in people, she also runs the JWR Learning Center to foster agent skills.

CREDITS: Kenya Sheats; JBeanz912

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