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Let's Stroll "Media Row" at the STOMP THE CITY ICONIC AWARDS in Downtown Memphis

The 2022 Stomp the City Iconic Awards was hosted by Darrin Henson and co-hosted by Comedian Lester Bibbs. This was truly a dynamic, unforgettable night. Held on Saturday, July 23rd at the Canon Performind Arts Center in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee, many celebrities, philanthropists and activists came out to bring awareness and incite a call to action to end gun violence and many other societal ills impacting our communities. Over 40 icons and dozens of media platforms were in attendance at this illustrious affairs. From gospel to the blues to hip-hop and rap, there was something store from everbody in attendance.

We must pay homage and give great respect to the families of George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Emmett Till & Breona Taylor. They showed up in honor and remembrance of their fallen loved ones. This was a heartfelt and sentimental moment during the Iconic Awards.

The night ended with an Ode to Hip-Hop, from the 2000s to the 80s, Trillville, Young Buck and the Show Boyz really did their thing and we were sent home in style.

Let's check out this stroll down "media row"!

CREDITS: Drea Nicole, Lillie Mae, Ivy Hughes

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