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Let's See What Went Down at the Annual Women's Empowerment Brunch Ceremony (6/4/2022)

The ID104 Radio Family would like to thank Straight Official Magazine for covering the red carpet at the "Annual Women's Empowerment Brunch Ceremony" Atlanta City Hall on June 4th.

Check out the RECAP here.

This spectacular event featured quite a few honorees: Melody Holt(Melody Shari) of Love & Marriage Huntsville, Ernestine Morrison of Legacy Center/Green Lit ATL, Christal Jordan of Rolling Out/Power 108.9, Taurea Avant of Urban CEO Network, Chantaye McLaughlin of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and was hosted by Shay McCray, Radio Personality/Actress!

A portion of the proceeds from this event was given back to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Huge thanks to Nina Lauren, Event Specialist and Top Producing Realtor for putting on an amazing event.

Credits: First Classe (Straight Official Magazine)

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