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Killer Mike Foreshadows the Release of 'Michael' coming June 16th

(ATLANTA, GA) Idea Generation cultivates a community for entrepreneurs. This community is created by having conversations with individuals who have overcome obstacles along their journey and become a successor in his/her own right.

Lead Generations live series is hosted by Noah Callahan-Bever and was influenced by his vision for creating a space for entrepreneurs. These conversations featuring successful entrepreneurs are unmatched.

This episode featuring Killer Mike is a remarkable addition. Killer Mike shared his history, showcasing his losing and winning moments. Through sharing his story as an entrepreneur, he also shared songs from his upcoming album, "Michael". This new album displays the elevation of his traditional sound. Each song was a hit and had a message that truly needs to be heard.

I am excited to see how everyone will receive his new body of work titled, “Michael.”

Make sure you tap into the Lead Generation live series via YouTube @leadgenerationofficial to review the jewels Killer Mike shared about entrepreneurship and growing pains within his life and many other amazing entrepreneurs.

Check out Killer Mike's album, entitled "Michael" scheduled for release on June 16th on all music platforms.

Contributing Writer: Shardae Bennett

Editor: Lillie Jones

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