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High Society was ALL THE WAY UP for Judge Terrinee Gundy Cover Reveal

(ATLANTA, GA) Judge Terrinee Gundy, esteemed author, and prominent legal professional, revealed the captivating book cover for her highly anticipated debut memoir, "The Daughter of a Junkie: A True Love Story."

The was hosted by television personality and renowned physician, Dr. Jackie Walters, M.D. The book cover reveal offered a compelling glimpse into the narrative of Judge Gundy's remarkable journey through the tumultuous streets of the ghetto, intimately intertwined with tales of boundless love.

Lillie Mae had the distinct honor to briefly interview this esteemed author.

The Daughter of a Junkie: A True Love Story memoir cover reveal was held at High Society in Buckhead. This memoir provides readers with a front-row seat to Judge Terrinee Gundy's firsthand5 account of overcoming harrowing obstacles while coming of age in a poverty-stricken environment. Her poignant memoir weaves together stories of resilience, survival, and unbreakable familial bonds, presenting a remarkable portrayal of strength amidst adversity.

Check out a few additional photos from this amazing event.

This is not the last you will hear from Judge Terrinee Gundy. #STAYTUNED

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