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HAPPY NEW YEAR - Let's See What is Happening in January 2023

Let's Meet a FEW Independent Creatives who are already shaking up some things:

Zye Ca$h

Meet cross-genre newcomer, Zye Ca$h. After seven thousand pre-saves prior to the end of 2022, Zye's next single "Love Someone" is the perfect new year's message for everyone looking for love.

As a single father and a following of nearly half a million on TikTok, Zye has begun promoting his next single "Love Someone," which fits the entire brand of who he is as a single father and his hope to find love in the future. These are core values I believe that many individuals throughout America strive to find, however, struggle with. Throughout the song, it notes special gestures including "handwritten letters" and "old school love," the core values he wishes to have in a relationship. Zye is the father of a beautiful daughter and as he continents the single life he strives to find a relationship that holds core to his values.

The single itself has been pre-saved and pre-added nearly 10k+ prior to the release and has received support and encouragement from WeTV's Mama June.


ST. LOUIS is hosting its 1st MEDIA & FILM FESTIVAL

January 13, 14, and 15 in Collinsville, IL

This 3-Day Film Screening and VIP event is presented by Soilderbyblood Television and Artist United Network.

Philly's DJ Spontane Is Looking To Takeover with New Music, Clothing Line & More!

If you are from the city of Philadelphia and active in the nightlife and music industry at some point you ran across the name DJ Spontane. DJ Spontane built up his name in the Philly music scene and the tri-state over the last 15 years. While he put some years in the game, he's always working and excited to let the world know what he has coming next. DJ Spontane is planning to release some new music soon he gives some insight"Music has always been a passion of mine, so look forward to it, I'll flood the streets and internet with some singles first, so stay tuned."




Television Premiere Screening and Reception Presented by

Central City Productions on Monday, January 30

As Central City Productions continues to celebrate the launch of the Stellar TV Network in 2023, they're pleased to invite you to their invitation-only television premiere screening and reception of the Black History Honors television special featuring a documentary and Gospel music tribute honoring the heroes of the underground railroad era. This momentous event will be hosted at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio at 5:00 pm on Monday, January 30th, 2023.

The host for the evening of the premiere screening and reception is Marc Morial, President, and CEO of the National Urban League, the nation’s largest historic civil rights and advocacy organization. The Proctor & Gamble Company, located in Cincinnati, is the presenting sponsor of the Black History Honors special.

As a Black-owned media company with 52 years of producing Black Excellence in television programming, Central City Productions is extremely proud to produce Black History Honors as a programming special for, Stellar TV Network, which will become an annual Black History Month television special, dedicated to featuring the historic stories and treasures in black museums around the country, like the Freedom Center.

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