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Dolapo's Screening Room Does It Again

(ATLANTA, GA) Dolapo’s Screening Room is a creative's dream. The Screening Room allows upcoming filmmakers, producers, artists, and talent to be viewed by industry greats.

From the swooning sounds of an artist singing Anita Baker to being captivated by a filmmaker depicting the uphill battle and strength of a black woman. This experience felt monumental to watch as creatives displayed their work and received feedback from the amazing commentators of the industry.

The commentators were: Zane Strebor, Christopher Young, Cas Seigers Beedles

It was amazing to see the successful industry commentators meticulously watch each filmmaker's piece and provided fruitful feedback. The creator, Dolapo Erinkitola, has an impressive list of accomplishments, such as being an award-winning producer and having an eye for the business. He has created a sensational safe haven that cannot be recreated and I can see how impactful this experience will be for upcoming creatives as DSR continues.

Follow the creator Dolapo Erinkitola on Instagram @officialdolapoe for the next event to see the history in the making for these talented creatives.

Contributing Writer: Shardae Bennett

Media Specialist: Cheryl Hunter

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