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Dancing with the Houston Stars on Friday the 13th ~ AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

(HOUSTON, TX) Urban Souls Dance Company indeed did a job well done with ‘Dancing with the Houston Stars”. The night was electrifying, fun, and full of love. The audience was on fire and there to support the esteemed dancers. The judges for this phenomenal event consisted of Bryon London, Pat and Greta Williams, Joyce Sully (Houston Chronicle Journalist), KJ Smooth (97.9 radio), Susan Bynum, and legendary ballerina Lauren Anderson.

The show commenced with showcasing a few amazing dancers from the Meyerland Dancers, a local dance company in Houston. Those young ladies danced their hearts out. The first performance was by Dr. George Adesina. He and his dance partner Karma gave us a very playful dance with music from the Barbie movie and dressed in pink. The next performer was Chloe Cook and her dance partner, Donny. This dyad presented a very seductive and lively dance that made you want to get up out of your seat and dance. Max Bozeman II, owner of the Greasy Spoon restaurant chain, and her dance partner really put on a show. Their dance portrayed a dad dancing with his daughter at different stages of life. Utterly Amazing! This was impactful and left the audience emotional. Briana Carter, from ABC13 News, is a former dancer. She, and her dance partner, Dwayne Cook displayed the different dynamics of a love relationship through their dance number. The overarching theme of their presentation was “even in love sometimes you just need to walk away”. Briana's dancing immensely displayed her skill and training. Reggie Collier, of RC Fitness and his dance partner Courtney Sherman-Allen gave us an electrifying dance that included the electric slide.

The second half of the show started with Dr. Simone Ellis. She channeled her inner Beyonce and gave us a great performance. Rashid Floyd and Marlene Watts did a modern dance with a touch of hip-hop and a wardrobe change. Rashid did a great job dancing in both genres. Jordan Myles brought us a little sunshine in modern dance which left you with a feeling of joy. Conscious Lee and his dance partner presented a fusion feel, a mix of reggaeton and ballroom dancing. Keisha Nicole from 97.9 the Box and her dance partner truly honored Janet Jackson through their dance performance. Reggie Rhodes from I-10 Media and his dance partner Sharon McCarthy presented a love story while dancing in a ballroom.

Overall all of the dance performances were excellent, but the chart-topping performance goes to Ronesha Ray, former Miss Black America, and her dance partner James. Their modern dance showed what happens in toxic relationships. They indeed won “THE BEST DANCE” and were presented with a beautiful disco ball. #EnoughSaid

Although the night was filled with fun, fellowship, and dance, this was indeed a fundraiser. This event funds Urban Souls' yearly programming for the Houston community. Congratulations to Max Bozeman II & Dr. Simone Ellis for raising the most money for this amazing dance company.

Dancing with the Houston Stars was a success. We cannot wait until next year’s presentation.


Urban Souls Mission: The mission of Urban Souls is to foster connection and build community through dance, education, and advocacy. Urban Souls builds upon community assets to tell stories of the Black experience, prioritizing racial equity and advancing healing and justice.

Contributing Writer: Tamika Wilson-Peacock

Editor: Lillie M. Jones

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