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CarribeanTales MediaGroup Is Ready to Connect and Collaborate

(Toronto, ON) - CaribbeanTales MediaGroup, founded by award-winning Filmmaker & Academy Member Frances-Anne Solomon, has a full slate of exciting and always thought-provoking film festival events for 2023 that bring communities together for transformative conversations.

Windrush Caribbean Film Festival (WCFF) Celebrating 75 Years of Black Cinema and beyond with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from the National Lottery, runs through June 6th - 30th – With events in Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham, Newport, and London, in the UK. Windrush celebrates the journey of the Windrush generation, their decedents, and the enormous contribution they made to Britain during its recovery from the Second World War and continues to make today. Follow along online as the CTMG Events team embarks on a trip to the UK to capture some of the festivities and discuss the 75th Windrush Anniversary. Programming from WCFF will also be available online for Canadian viewers starting June 21st.

Caribbean Tales International Film Festival (CTFF) will be running from September 6th - 22nd. CTFF 2023 seeks to place a renewed spotlight on the effect of climate change on our particularly vulnerable Small Island States and Canada. In 2023, the festival will forge an enthusiastic re-commitment to these urgent issues. The festival presentations will be both online and in person, allowing the opportunity to reach the widest audience, as well as ensuring that these vital visual stories remain available and relevant always.

The Big Pitch,” a highly anticipated industry event held in partnership with TIFF 2023, CTMG Incubator participants will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to a group of industry leaders. Mid-career BIPOC filmmakers from CaribbeanTales Black Incubator and Studio Access Project(CTBISAP) are chosen for “The Big Pitch”. CTBISAP provides opportunities for Black Canadian filmmakers to acquire skill sets and training that will help ensure their success. The filmmakers will discuss their projects with top Canadian and International broadcasters and distributors for cash, mentorship, and support for their projects. This year's “BIG PITCH” will be held on September 10th.

Frances-Anne Solomon established CineFamFilm Festival in 2016 to support bold, original stories by women and non-binary creators of color in Canada. This year’s theme is SURVIVE & THRIVE. The films look at the ways in which women of color connect, create, and thrive. In a time where we are seeing radical changes to the ways in which we as a culture create and consume stories, we look to ways in which our stories will survive us. CineFam remains a first stop to view these groundbreaking stories October 20-22nd.

CineFAM will also present ‘SHOPTALK.” ShopTalk is a discussion series that engages women or non-binary filmmakers of color across Canada to talk about the diversity in the industry, sharing some of the challenges faced, and exploring how they influence filmmaking. Meet the filmmakers as we get ready for our annual CineFam Film Festival through this reflective video series.

BEST OF THE FEST will round out the year of anticipated events. Watch some of the best films from this year’s Windrush Caribbean Film Festival.WCFF runs through June 6th - 30th, but if you miss some of the films or want to watch your favorites again, tune into BEST OF THE FEST.”

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About CaribbeanTales Media Group: CaribbeanTales Media Group provides a comprehensive pipeline for film and television productions. We collaborate with black creators and creators of colour, developing and producing compelling content. Our annual film festivals showcase these works, fostering connections and celebrating diverse perspectives. CTMG provides financing and global distribution through online platforms, ensuring these stories resonate worldwide. We champion quality and authenticity, empowering voices that have been marginalized.

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