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Black Writer's Weekend 2022 was Magnificent ~ Let's Walk Through 4 Days of Literary Magnificence

Saturday, August 6, 2022


Hot weather…people mingling from venue to venue…music in the air…

It’s the perfect mix for Black Writer’s Weekend.

First stop: Brooklyn Tea. Enter a tea shop that features tasty pastries, R&B vibes playing, a variety of teas and four authors set up to make their mark. After spending some time with them, in walks literary icon, Wahida Clark.

One never knows who they’ll see in your travels.

Next, after a few people raved about this place, I stepped inside IWI Fresh. It was like stepping inside an African garden of Eden set in the heart of a thriving city. You literally forget the outside world while there. Maya and the staff were kind, helpful and informative about their products. Try the free hand washing; thank me later.

Wine Shoe was the next pivotal stop. Enter a wine lover’s haven filled with readers, conversations and an ideal spot to interview an amazing podcaster with a deep mind along with award winning author and founder of the Girls Who Brunch Organization, Ni’cola Mitchell. Special thanks to the staff for their hospitality.

Black Writer’s Weekend held various moderated sessions throughout the area, up to and including the AAMBC Literary Awards as the finale on Sunday.

Authors and readers, if you haven’t attended this fine event, you should seriously consider this for next year.

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