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"Beautifully You!" Stonecrest Welcomes Princess Hair Pizzazz Salon Just In Time for Mother's Day

(LITHONIA, GA) "I walked into this space and felt like I was embedded in the design." ~ said Shardae Bennett (ID104 Radio Correspondent).

The Princess Hair Pizzazz Salon mission is to supply quality services and products that nurture the self-esteem of each girl. The motto: Beautifully You!

Princess Hair Pizzazz Salon is a luxury salon comprised of over 2900 square feet of elegance. From crystal mirrors to the SHE-RO Wall with photographs of amazing women the little girls can look up to. This salon is a brick and mortar affirmation for any little girls or young ladies who encounter it. To ensure they handle every client with care, they have hired more than 20 staff.

Princess Hair Pizzazz Salon understood the assignment three times over. Every girl that walks in this salon will walk out feeling empowered and reminded of her internal superpower.


A wife and husband team, were put in a situation where they were trying to figure out where they would take their special little one to get her hair done. Her original kids salon was just not working anymore but they did not want her to lose the awesome ‘pampering thyself’ experience. They noodled and noodled, then decided let’s create our own kid salon, take our special one there, and invite some friends – our community. Voila, Princess Hair Pizzazz was born!

"We provide luxury. There was thought that went into each detail of our salon (that’s where love resides, right!). We designed a place that is girly, welcoming, and unparallel to all other kid’s hair salons. We want our lovely princesses to know they are royalty!'

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