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Be Strong. Be Knowledgeable. Be You - Monetize Your Influence in Atlanta was a HIT!

(ATLANTA, GA) The Monetize Your Influence Mixer & Networking Event, held at Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen & Bar, was a real-time affirmation of understanding and standing firm in your values, combined with ensuring the brands you align with value you. The night was filled with jewels of guidance that ranged from knowing your worth to understanding your business expenses.

Moderator: Twila-Amoure McDaniel (journalist/editor-The Jasmine Brand) far left in line

Panel (from L-R): Davida Roach, Kayla Walker, Latoya Shambo, Drea Nicole, Bee Trofort-Wilson

Let’s Check Out the Amazing Women on this Panel.

Davida Roach is a nonprofit owner and a massive social media influencer with major brand deals.

Kayla Walker is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing and truly understands the power behind marketing.

Latoya Shambo is the CEO of Black Girl Digital where she spearheaded closing major brand deals for her clients.

Drea Nicole is a photographer who once learned from one of the greats Derek Blanks and became one herself capturing some of the best like Pinky Cole (Slutty Vegan), Jayda Cheaves, Sarah Jakes-Roberts, Wale and Mary J Blige.

And the line up doesn’t stop there.

Lastly but far from least.

Bee Trofort-Wilson empowered us on the art of saying NO to the things that don’t serve your values or brand. Her body of accomplishments precedes her as a celebrity sports photographer. She defines the most captivating moment in her career as capturing athletes like Olympic Gold Medalist David Verburg and the likes of the Infamous Deontay Wilder. Let’s not even talk about the brands she has been featured in and collaborated with.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Make sure you check these ladies out.

Jasmine Young created a galvanizing and captivating panel. Each panelist put their heart on the line AND their knowledge on the table. Young shared how black people have over a trillion dollars in spending/buying power. The panel emphasized how significant one’s voice and talent can be in this world.

It’s not just about having a voice, but having your voice make coins for you. If you ever want to feel magic and experience the true heart of exceptional women in power, this event is definitely for you.

Contributing Writer: Shardae Bennett

Media Specialist: Cheryl Hunter

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