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AllBlk’s new show, Wicked City ~ Exclusive Premiere Screening in ATL

On December 1st, ID104 Radio had an amazing opportunity to cover the red carpet for the exclusive screening premiere of AllBlk’s new show, Wicked City. The 6-episode series stars Vanessa Bell Calloway, Columbus Short, Shaquita Smith, Chanel Mack, Chantal Maurice, and Mercedez McDowell.

Check out this recap from Dom P!


In Wicked City, four young, chic, modern-day witches – Jordan (Shaquita Smith, The Couch), Mona (Mercedez McDowell, The Resident), Angela (Chantal Maurice, P-Valley), and Sherise (Chanel Mack, The Harder They Fall) belong to Charmed City, a coven lead by Tabitha (Vanessa Bell Calloway, Shameless). The witches make the acquaintance of Camille (Taylor Polidore, Snowfall), a naturally powerful witch who is oblivious to her gift. Things take a menacing turn resulting in an accidental death and leading to the witches performing a forbidden resurrection spell. Unfortunately, it is too late, as a dark sinister being is brought back from the other side. Now, between their complicated personal lives, unearthed secrets of the past, and attempts to defeat a powerful wraith, this coven is in for the most dangerous ride of their lives.

Additional cast includes Columbus Short (True To The Game, Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story), Rhonda Morman (Sister Swap: Christmas), Malika Blessing (The Lost Souls Café), and Rolonda Rochelle (Chicago Fire).

CREDITS: CR8 Agency, Dominique Perry (ID104 Radio)

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