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"Adversity for Sale: You Gotta Believe" - Jeezy Said It!

(ATLANTA, GA) Hundreds of people gathered at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to celebrate Jeezy's book signing. Adversity for Sale: You Gotta Believe was released on August 8, 2023. This literary work covers an array of topics from the originality of rappers, trap music, his history with Gucci Mane, and how he navigated the space of mental health. This book allows you to see a softer side of this seasoned rapper while shedding light on how important it is to identify and attend to your behavioral health needs.

The Adversity for Sale book signing was carefully positioned in the heart of one of the busiest places in the city, and this was GENIUS. Jeezy captured the interest of a multitude of travelers wanting to meet, greet, and support this amazing endeavor.

ABOUT ADVERSITY FOR SALE: Adversity for Sale: You Gotta Believe isn’t a street memoir. Like his music, these pages are filled with lessons from his deeply personal story to motivate you to go out and get after your dream.

Contributing Writer: Shardae Bennett

Editor: Lillie Mae Jones

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