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The 2nd Presentation of Women & Wine Empowerment Weekend in Houston was PHENOMENAL

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

(HOUSTON, TX) August 12th and 13th did not leave any stone unturned. Tiffany Michelle and her team put together a great event. Vendors were present and accounted for. Needless to say, we left with quite a few goodies.

On the 1st day, the weekend was opened with prayer. This truly set the tone for the weekend. Now, let's talk about the GREATNESS in the atmosphere. The first speaker was Coach Dawn Michelle @coachdaenmichelle. She challenged the masses to release the hustle mindset, and acquire the art of planning and strategizing towards success. Check out her best-selling book, Cell to CEO: Stop Playing & Get Your Shiii Together.

The 2nd Speaker, Dr. Toya Wise @tonyatwise gave us her Seven Principles of Finances.

  1. Understanding your relentlessness.

  2. Resourceful - Write the vision and make it plan.

  3. Tap into your net worth and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  4. Respect yourself, others and the environment you are in. Stop blaming others for your current placement. Take responsibility for where you are.

  5. Recognition - Take time to recognize yourself.

  6. Refinement - Reflect to see what needs to be adjusted.

  7. Revelation- what have you done lately for you?

When she walked away from the mic, you were feeling WOW, Women Of Wealth. Stop sitting on your gifts and your talents. We are one decision away from poverty AND one decision day away from wealth.

The 3rd speaker was Tamika Carlton @tamika_carltonjbp, the Relationship Coach. Tamika discussed making money with your significant other. "Relationships are the prize of what we need to do in the world to be more connected. Relationships are how you will get to the next level." Quality relationships are integral to sustaining wealth, happiness, health, and overall success.

The panel discussion was full of information and tips that every entrepreneur needed to digest: self-care, self-love, taxes, finances, and much more.

On Day Two, Dianne “The Kenyan CEO" discussed all things real estate investing. Kenyatta Walker spoke about taxes: the importance of filing your taxes and having an accountant. Dr. Lakisha Williams and Dr. Theresa spoke about the importance of understanding and addressing your mental health. Make sure you deal with childhood traumas, pause before speaking, and take time to self-care.

Unfortunately, our day two came to an end early, all in all, we left fulfilled and prepared to embark upon more entrepreneurial endeavors. The information presented at the Women & Wine Empowerment Extravaganza was priceless. All we can say is "When is the encore presentation?"

Contributing Writer: Tamika Wilson Peacock

Digital Media Specialist: Reginald Peacock

Editor: Lillie Mae Jones

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