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Summer is Coming to An End AND Dolapo's Screening Room DID IT AGAIN

(ATLANTA, GA) Sorry to that man and or woman who missed out on the 3rd Presentation of Dolapo’s Screening Room, at the Blu Lagoon Lounge in Atlanta.

Dolapo Erinkitola, a talent in himself, now hosts this event for the Who's Who in the Black Entertainment Business to display the passion projects of independent creatives. The dimly lit lounge was extremely relaxed with food and drinks which was perfect for the intimate crowd of like-minded individuals.

Dolapo stated that his mission is to give creatives the time and space to display their art and to give back to the community. Dolapo’s Screening Room provided an opportunity for attendees to view and share their feature films and documentaries, combined with the ability to receive consultative advice, express ideas, and exchange contacts that could be life-changing in a room filled with filmmakers, producers, and an array of talent.

This was truly the perfect place for networking. A few of the attendees in the building included: Terrance Battle, a Film and TV producer, Media Mogul April Love, award-winning Actress Ernestine Morrison, and bestselling novelist of the erotica book Zane, and Kristina Roberts, just to name a few.

Dolapo stated that this magnificent event will continue to grow bigger and better with every activation. Submit your projects and #StayTuned because this is one of those events worth waiting for.

Welcome to Atlanta, creatives.


Editor: Lillie Mae Jones

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