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Omarion Releases A New Documentary, "OMEGA" ~ Let's Talk Graduation

(AUSTELL, GA) - ID104 Radio Correspondent, K.P. and T.C. Watson attended an exclusive screening for the release of Omarion's new documentary, the 1st of a five-part series, entitled "OMEGA". Hosted by Mz Shyneka of Streetz945, this was truly an enlightening experience. During this event Omarion defines this documentary as "his graduation", as gives an in-depth look through his evolution from 2019 until now.

Omarion is very transparent on his decision to tour with B2K. Additionally, he displays the highs and lows of the preparation required for him to embark upon the B2K Tour. Even though Omarion is a high-profile entertainer, he first love in life are his children.

Stay on the lookout for Omarion's new book scheduled to be released in September 2022.This literary work outlines how to maintain one's spiritual peace daily.

Huge thanks to Royal Premiere Events for hosting this amazing event, at Riverside EpiCenter, and for inviting ID104 Radio out to cover this amazing experience.

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