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Mike Bend Hosts the First R&B Showcase at Cigar City Atlanta - Dominique Perry HEADLINES

(ATLANTA, GA) Dominique Perry did it again. Thursday night at Cigar City Atlanta, on Roswell Road, Dominique headlined a showcase filled with independent artists from inside and outside the Atlanta, Georgia area. This was an inaugural event at this venue.

Dominique Perry, known as DomPLive on all social media platforms, truly graced the audience with a few original songs AND one of his favorites, "Lately" by Tyrese, Even though his set was cut short, he was asked to display his vocal agility and talent through the rendition of an acapella cover. Of course, the @singingelectrician chose "Ribbon in the Sky" by the legend, Stevie Wonder.

We salute Dominique Perry for his dedication to the culture of music. This inspirational artist consistently displays his gospel roots and blends them with soul and R&B. He is genuinely the "Product of a Dream".

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Aug 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wow wonderful news

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