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Let's Check Out How Disciplined These NFL Players Are ~ Singing Requires Endurance Too

(10/18/2022) Make a joyful noise! This is amazing command given to us.

These gentlemen are truly making it happen. Check out "The Players Choir". This group of NFL players have come together, founded by the amazing Melanie Few, for the greater good: collective impact, that is.

The Players Choir AGT audition of Bill Withers' "Lean On Me" became a viral sensation on YouTube , generating more than 1 million views!

ABOUT THE (NFL) PLAYER'S CHOIR: For fourteen years, the Players Choir has delivered one of the most highly-anticipated musical performances during the biggest weekend in sports, the annual Super Bowl Weekend. Making its debut in 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona during the 9th Annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration (SBGC), the choir launched with more than 40 active and former NFL players under the direction of Grammy Award-Winning artist, Donnie McClurkin.

Developed by Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Founder and Executive Producer Melanie Few with a core group of Christian NFL players who wanted to share their faith through song, the Players Choir is on a mission to inspire all within the sound of their ‘joyful noise’ to live on purpose and find success through pursuing their passion! Players Choir members have included some of the NFL’s most popular and talented players on and off the field, including Super Bowl Champions, Pro Bowlers, NFL Men of the Year and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees.

ABOUT MELANIE FEW: Melanie Few is the Founder, Executive Producer & NFL Sanction Holder of Results Marketing and Media (RMM). With a background of more than 30 years in marketing and media, Few is a successful business owner that has garnered national recognition as a “deal-maker” securing first-of-their-kind deals with some of America’s most recognizable companies. Melanie is the only female and person of color with an NFL sanctioned event, the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration.

CREDITS: The FrontPage PR Firm

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