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Big Slim is All Grown Up ... It Is The Purpose For Him!

(HOUSTON, TX) ID104 Radio-Houston had the pleasure to attend the Checkers Halloween Party with a Purpose featuring Houston's favorite rapper, Big Slim (formerly Slim Thug). The proceeds for this event went to Coolxdad (@coolxdad), a non-profit organization that aids and uplifts all fathers of color striving to build a better world for their children and serve their communities.

Big Slim aka Slim Thug (@slimmthug), a legendary rapper that is from Houston, TX partnered with Checkers and Coolxdad for this event. I spoke to Big Slim regarding this event and he stated that he is big on community and partners with Checkers to assist.

This event brought the community out to support Coolxdad. Big Slim's presence brought out people from all walks of life and generations.

CORRESPONDENTS: Reginald & Tamika Peacock

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