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The “Black Currency” - Art Gallery and Exhibition Debuts For BHM at the TMM

(ATLANTA, GA) ~ In honor of Black History Month, Trap Music Museum will celebrated Black Business and Ownership through art with the “Black Currency” - Art Gallery and Exhibition this past weekend. "Black Currency" will run February 9th - 28th, 2023 at Trap Music Museum (TMM), 630 Travis Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.

Grand Opening Night happened on Thursday, February 9, 2023. The exhibition highlights eight Black-owned local businesses that inspire and thrive in Atlanta. The following businesses will be honored:

Versus ATL - @VSATL Slim + Husky’s - @SLIMANDHUSKYS Paw Kids - @PAWKIDS_AT_GROVEPARK Collective Gallery - @COLLECTIVEGLLRY City Ink - @CITYOFINK Magic City - @MAGICCITY Akoo - @akooclothing TmrO - @tmroapp

With programs like Black Currency, says James Miller, marketing manager for the Trap Music Museum, "it's important to keep highlighting the rich heritage of Black Business in Atlanta. Art reflects life and there is no better way to celebrate the Black entrepreneurial legacy of Atlanta than with an art exhibition.”

Trap Music Museum has made its mission to celebrate black visual artists from around the world whose exposure is often limited. Participating artists include the following:

  • Doran Starks - @lamontDavenchy

  • Travon Lee - @opincreatedyou

  • Tiffany Davis - @atlartvibez

  • Geryn Harris - @geryn_

  • Jillian Williams - @jilliecreates

  • Sean Marques - @seanmarquesart

  • Rovelle Williams - @rovellewilliamsatl

  • Dane Brown - @danebrown1st_artist

“The entire Slim + Husky’s team is honored to be recognized in this year's Black Currency Art Exhibition.

As a company, our mission from day one has been to spread the message of Economic Empowerment using Pizza as our vehicle to communicate. The importance of Entrepreneurship and ownership within Black Culture is critical to the future of our communities.

Thank you to TMM for celebrating those putting in the work and motivating the culture to continue pushing forward. Progress Rules Everything Around Me. #PREAM,” says Clinton Gray, CMO/Co-Founder of Slim + Husky’s.

About Trap Music Museum: Trap Music Museum is an interactive experience that uses art to showcase the rich culture of trap music, one of the most popular genres of music today. By paying homage to the inspiring trials and triumphs of today’s biggest trap stars and providing a platform for emerging artists.

CREDITS: Intel Media Group

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