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Let's talk about her very FIRST design with J Marie Premium Sneakers.

The " Born in the 80s" retro trainers in pink & turquoise.

These trainers are an ode to the glorious 80s, the decade I was born- 1985.

J Marie Premium Sneakers is a collection that represents me....glimpses of her life, her personality so it had to start with her being born, right?

Well, the colorway was inspired by the colors that were plastered on most fashion in the & turquoise.

J Marie says "It's what I remember most...those LOUD Iconic colors...leggings, big hair, and belts!" It's 100% Italian leather with pink laces and durable silver mesh.

Were you Born in the 80s? What do you remember most about the 80s?

Click the photo above and ENTER the following code for even more of a discount: NYBSYNNRRYK

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