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SEBASTIAN is HERE and IF you missed the Red Carpet Movie Premiere, then ...

(ATLANTA, GA) “Sebastian,” written, directed and produced by Mann Robinson IS FINALLY HERE. Executive produced by Torrei Hart, who also acts in the film and worked with Robinson on “Turnt” and “Super Turnt,” was in attendance.

The film premiered Saturday, October 29th at Mann Robinson Studios.

The cast includes Hart, Darius McCrary, Clifton Powell, Jamie Bernadette, Luca Della Valle, CoCo Brown, Tracey Graves, Jayson Smith, Jermel Howard, and Jermaine Hopkins.

ALL ABOUT SEBASTIAN: On a quest to win the love of the woman of his dreams, Irene (Jamie Bernadette), Sebastian finds himself traveling to multiple countries before landing in America to once and for all convince Irene that they should be together for an eternity. After years of rejection Sebastian decides to take what he wants.

Women in a gentrified area of Georgia start to disappear causing Captain Harris (Clifton Powell) to launch an investigation, led by Detective Reid (Torrei Hart) and Detective Dumars (Darius McCrary). After persuading every lead Reid uncovers some unbelievable chain of events leading all the way back to the 3rd century that points her in the direction of the real killer.

CREDITS: ID104 Radio & Minding My Business TV

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