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Miami's Patrick Carroll Set to Give Away Truckloads Of Trendy Sneakers To Underprivileged Kids

(ATLANTA, GA) On Thursday, March 23rd, a day of pure joy and giving with Miami billionaire Patrick Carroll is scheduled to take place. Carroll is set to give away truckloads of trendy sneakers to the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta in his quest to donate a Million Dollars worth of sneakers to underprivileged kids across the US.

Who is set to attend this event? Patrick Carroll, Ben Kickz, Phaedra Parks, Brandi Glanville, Dean “Mojo” Muhtadi (WWE), and many more!

If you are interested in covering or attending this event, please contact Kelly at Kelly K Public Relations.

ABOUT PATRICK CARROLL: Patrick Carroll is one of Miami's most prominent real estate investors with over 30,000 properties in his portfolio. So far, the self-made tycoon has given away $200,000 worth of this season's most sought-after sneakers to underprivileged kids in Tampa and Miami, Florida. Carroll is set to continue his charity tour to Atlanta, Georgia on March 23rd. The real estate mogul and father of three boys, commissioned famed sneaker aficionado, Ben Kickz, aka the "Sneaker Don", to bring a Brinks truck filled with 600 pairs of high-end sneakers to distribute to members of the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta. Carroll continues his nationwide campaign to give away $1 million worth of sneakers throughout ten Boys & Girls clubs across the US. Carroll loves seeing the boy's and girls' faces light up upon receiving their sneakers. Carroll has enlisted some celebrity friends to help distribute the shoes.

Growing up in Tampa, Florida Carroll relied on The Boys & Girls Club and their facilities to play basketball. Now that he is on the board Carroll says "Knowing firsthand how aspirational having the right pair of sneakers can be to a kid in need, it’s incredible to see the looks on these kid's faces when we pull up in that truck," said the 43-year-old.

Follow "Patrick Carroll" on Instagram @mpatrickcarroll.

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