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Keeping Up With the Joneses Virtual Press Conference Hosted on July 11, 2022

Contributer: Ashley Marie

ID104 Radio attended the virtual press conference for “Keeping Up With the Joneses”,

held on July 11, 2022 with a special introduction from film star and executive

producer Vivica A. Fox and film stars Jasmine Aivaliotis, Ciara Carter, Shellie

Sterling, and Arie Thompson. “Keeping Up With the Joneses” Season 2, called

“The Wrong Nemesis,” premiered on Lifetime Movie Network on Friday, July 8, at

8 p.m. ET/PT.

Trust me, if you missed it you might want to watch it "On Demand".

(FUN FACT) Keeping Up With The Joneses filmed four movies in five weeks that’s unbelievable but it happened.

During this virtual press conference, Arie Thompson stated "what you can get from this season is “The Past Never Dies”.

Don't forget to go and watch "The Wrong Nemesis" ON DEMAND ASAP!

ABOUT KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES: After the death of second husband Webb (Ted McGinley), Robin (Fox) stands to inherit a fortune with the help of family lawyer Sheldon's (Michael Paré) legal wrangling. Carrie’s (Carter) philanthropic endeavors have always taken a backseat to the family’s business, but now, with Lance (Adonis Williams) at her side, she plans to expand her role by creating the Crystal Water Fund. Meanwhile, Kayla (Sterling) is enjoying the single life until she meets Carter (Sam Schweikert) who she quickly falls for. Tara (Aivaliotis) begins an affair with her college professor, while Pam (Thompson) strikes up a friendship with Stephen Napoli (Chris Cleveland), the CEO of the construction company building the family's new water facility and who she grows close to after the building is vandalized. But Pam is in for an even bigger shock when the child whom she gave up for adoption years ago suddenly returns!

Credits: CR8 Agency

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