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Just Being Briana: Web Series Exclusive Premiere in #ATL

Push Through was the mantra for “Just being Briana’s” first episode. Social Media star Briana formerly known as MrsLaTruth. Has made sure her voice and stance is seen in her web series.

The first episode presented the things which mattered most to Briana: her children and stability. She had a in-depth conversation with her kids to set the tone for their new life, being raised in a home with their mother, absent of their father. This new family dynamic is certainly a new challenge which Briana appears to be ready for.

Through her intimate Q&A session, Briana made sure her passion for cultivating this new life outside of her social media life was the focus.

Make sure you check out her series which is set to premeire May 11, 2023!

Contributing Writer: Shardae Bennett

Editor: Lillie Jones

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