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Dr. Sasha Johnson Hosts Her 1st Family & Fun Day in Paulding County

(DALLAS, GA) There were so many things to do on Saturday, July 15th, however, Dr. Sasha Johnson made sure residents of Paulding County were taking care of business. The event kicked off with so many activities: face painting, hula hoop contests, tug-a-war, jump rope and so much more.

The DJ was magnificent and truly supported the captivating vocal presentations by Drea Nicole and Dominique Perry (DomP).

Guess who showed up? SPIDERMAN!

Many community services and organizations attended this event to provide information and education for all attendees. Book bags and school supplies were given away also. Let's take a look at a few of the special organizations which supported this event.

Don't forget to VOTE for Dr. Sasha Johnson in the 2024 Paulding County School Board Elections.

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