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Avianne & Co. in the CITY - "Spread Health, Not Hate" "Stop the Violence"

(New York, NY) On a beautiful Sunday afternoon (5/22/2022), Avianne & Co. held a community event to kick-off summer, for children and families in the inner city, with the message of "spread health not hate" and "stop the violence" through the game of basketball and fun. Upon arrival attendees were greeted by fun-filled activities, such as a bounce houses and much more. The kids really had fun on this summer-felt day: it was one of those good 'ole NYC days.

The main event was the basketball tournament that Avianne & Co. set up with a lot of talented teams and players to compete "streetball style".The energy of the competitors combined with DJ's hype kept the crowd on their feet with great music. Great music plus hosting made everything exceptional to watch.

To add to this fun, action-packed event, a few friends of Joe Aranbayev from Avianne & Co. joined the action and made appearances, such as Dave East, Bobby Shmurda, Camron and more. This was truly a great day for Avianne & Co. and the message of "spread health not hate" and "stop the violence" was delivered and well received.

"Thank you for the invitation to attend and we truly appreciate you". ~Chris Rob

Credits: Chris Rob & Mia Crooms (ID104 Radio)

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