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Anthony Hall & Friends ~ The Roosevelt Tour Kicks Off in NYC and ID 104 Radio Was There

ID104RADIO Correspondents, Chris Rob and Mia spent time connecting and vibing with Anthony Hall with special guest, Dawkins and Dawkins and Jason Nelson.

Inspirational singer, writer, and producer, Anthony Hall announces his North American promo tour for his new album “Roosevelt", that is set to release Friday, May 27th.

Produced by the Vgn Bae Music Group, the 4-city tour kicks off at New York City's famous SOB, on May 18th.

The tour will be making its way down the East Coast into the Holy South with stops in Atlanta, New Orleans, and ending in a fully immersive worship experience at Vgn Bae in Houston, TX.

Stay Tuned for More on THE ROOSEVELT TOUR!

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