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Amira Unplugged Graces "All Things Authentic"

Amira Unplugged is a genre-bending artist hailing from several underrepresented communities; Amira Unplugged rose to social media stardom by soulfully showcasing her vocal agility while using sign language to reach her fans who are deaf on TikTok. Currently in the top 3 of the singing competition, Amira shows no signs of slowing down.

Her upbringing as a (d)eaf African American Muslim woman in the South caused her to aspire to make music that unifies communities. By crossing genre lines with universal themes of triumph, darkness, and hope, Amira aims to bring vastly different people together through common themes. Her hearing impairment also informs a great deal of her music, causing her to add unique textural elements to her original work.

Credits: JBeanz912 ~ Jerry Dennard II

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