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Meet Lillie Mae
Project Manager ~ Media Correspondent ~ Public Educator

Lillie Mae, affectionately known as Lil and Lillie (by her family), hails from the city of Danville in the southernmost region of Virginia. Currently residing in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, she is considered to be a "voice" for those who long to be heard. Lillie Mae is a proud member and supporter of RAMPD (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities).


Lillie Mae was reared, grounded and continues to abide by the following core values: Faith, Charity, and Love. Lillie Mae - The Collective was born out of these values. This brand is comprised of three distinct platforms which allow her to embrace the culture and give back a portion of what has been given to her.

Lillie Mae is an Implementation Coordinator for a US-Based MCO, Owner/Founder of Lillie Mae - The Collective, LLC, Executive VP of Sky IV Records in Atlanta, CEO of ID104 Radio, and Executive Director of All Things Authentic, Inc.


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Data recorded since April 2023 




Data recorded since February 2023. 



Data recorded since April 2023.




Data recorded since February 2023.


the mission.

Lillie Mae - The Collective believes in purpose-driven initiatives. 

  • Dementia is the Umbrella: Alzheimer's is one of the Ribs

  • The Importance of Vocational Education for Independent Artists

  • Millennial Caregiving While Building a Business

  • Socio-Emotional Wellness in the Realm of Entertainment 

Through creative expression, media & broadcasting, and resource mapping, Lillie Mae is able to inform and educate the masses.

"Purpose over Popularity"

Project Management Consulting

Lillie Mae - The Collective (formerly SENOJ Consulting) serves as an "incubator" for start-up businesses. This project management entity has enhanced respect for the development management of grassroots organizations and independent creatives.

We provide on-site professional
development services to support your
entrepreneurial & organizational development, growth, and sustainability.

Professional Services

  • Business Development for Creatives

  • Brand Development

  • Community Organizing

  • Media Coordination

  • Program Development

  • Project Management

  • Resource Mapping



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