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Parallel Lines

The definition of unconventional is "not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed". While this term is often utilized in instances where one is attempting to circumvent a rule or regulation.


In this case, Lillie Mae has decided to be unconventional in a social space where the measure of one's conventionality is contingent upon how many followers one can attain with "the tea".


The best decision is to tell the actual story and not the "click-bait" version.

Modern Architecture

April 2023

No P2P Unless It Actually Makes Sense. Key Word is "Actually"

How can you distribute/disseminate information regarding your brand? #PaidMedia #OwnedMedia #EarnedMedia

May 2023

Freelancer or Freeloader: There Is A Difference

Use your journalistic influence to inform, educate, interpret, streamline & focus opinions, support informed-decision making and serve to be an agent of change. Stop using journalism to obtain access to events you cannot afford to pay for OR just do not want to pay for.

As a media professional or journalist, social media is used daily. It is often necessary to scroll, search and review a myriad of pages/groups to obtain information regarding current events. What happens when this tasks turns into OCD?

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