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Happy Mother's Day - From FLY GUY DC (5/7/2022 - ATL)

Fly Guy DC also has an innate sense to give back to the community and improve the life experiences of the youth. He’s a huge advocate for the youth and vehemently stays active by hosting sporting events, participating in literacy programs, and career days. He gets a great sense of fulfillment from imparting his brand of wisdom to the younger generation. Fly Guy DC has been recognized as Mr. Inspire the Youth as he imparts wisdom to the youth and opens their minds to new possibilities.

Fly Guy DC is deeply invested in giving back to his community. Growing up in a single-parent household he saw the struggles his mom endured to raise him and his brothers and sisters. To show appreciation to single mothers, Fly Guy DC and his team developed the annual Fly's Mother's Day Soiree.

Check out the RECAP of how Fly Guy DC and his team made mothers feel loved and appreciated.

The focus of this event was to bring single mothers together for a day of fellowship, relaxation, and exciting activities. DC has created a luxury experience including a brunch with games, nail spa treatment, chauffeur services, and much more. The event is held annually on the day before Mother's Day. This year, over 400 moms were nominated and 30 were chosen to participate in the mother's day experience.

CREDITS: JBeanz912 (ID 104 Radio) & La'Torria Lemon (Lemon-Lime Light Media)

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