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FOLK + POP = NEELEY ~ Check out "27"

Folk/Pop singer-songwriter, Neeley, has officially released the [extended version] of her debut single, 27. Deeming the new outro individually as ‘Taylor,’ the double-sided album emphasizes the forgiveness you learn to give yourself in your 20s. The casual vulnerability of her melody and lyrics make the listener feel as though they caught her side-stage experiencing an afterthought to ‘27.’ The arrangement consists of merely her lead vocal supported by two acoustic guitars and a male vocalist, setting the scene for an intimate listening experience comparable to the likes of Finneas, Holly Humberstone, or Victoria Canal.

“Taylor” finds its name from the biggest artist in the modern world, Taylor Swift. Growing up listening to the star, Neeley related to Swift’s songs in a new way as she grew into adulthood. Neeley shares, ‘To me, there’s a bit of magic in the space she’s [Swift] created for women and girls everywhere. Watching her own who she is has both helped me find grace for my mistakes and also applaud my wins.’ The art of letting-go and friendship are two prevalent themes throughout the song, pairing personal experience with word-play from Swift’s catalog into the mix. It was written the day Neeley recorded the first demo of ‘27’ in her home studio with instrumentalist Tobias Witt, and later recorded at The Resort with Neeley’s main producer and mixing engineer, Mike Matta (Kezie, Gracie Abrams).

Past success for Neeley includes her debut single “27” and its Super 8 music video. The visualizer was shared on Kodak film’s official film page, finding her beside the likes of Becky G and Peso Plumo’s “Chanel” and HBO Max’s “Winning Time.” With a knack for storytelling and a commitment to authentic arrangements, “Taylor” promises to be another fan favorite.

If you would like to interview Neeley, please reach out to Sammy Wroge ( for all media requests and to send live coverage.

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