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Erica Banks + NYAK Liquor = Musical Spirits of Excellence

(Atlanta, GA) "We believe that great spirits and great music are both art forms that can enrich lives and create unforgettable moments," says Dennis Mckinely, CEO at NYAK Liquor.

Dining with Erica Banks and Nyak Cognac for a “Night of Elegance” was simply amazing!

Full of great energy and vibes, Erica was looking stunning in her green gown. "Night of Elegance Dinner" celebrating the newest collaborative partnership between Love and Hip Hop's Erica Banks and NYAK Cognac!

So what else is NEW? Erica Banks is preparing to release some new music. If you were in the building, you definitely heard a few snippets.

You guys definitely need to be on the look for new music and support Erica Banks in her new endeavors.

Contributing Writer: Cheryl Hunter

Editor: Lillie Mae Jones

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