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Ché René Macarons and More Truly Left a DISTINCT TASTE in our Media Mouths

Let's take a look at one of the AMAZING vendors who supported this year's Black Media Honors on Sunday, April 23rd in Atlanta, GA.

"Art, food, and service all feed the soul."

Che’Rene’ Macarons is an E-commerce and Mobile Macaron Boutique. We have over 40 decadent flavors with a “heavenly” experience. Che’Rene’ Macarons provides luxury gifting for personal, exclusive, corporate events and wholesale. We are a business that creates second chance opportunities for individuals whom society has disregarded and deemed hopeless. We all deserve a second chance, just as Che' was given and we all deserve Che’Rene’ Macarons, “French Macarons with Southern Finesse.”


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