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Brooklyn Unity Fest Continues to Thrive - ID104 Radio Was There (6-4-2022)

Brooklyn Unity Fest was a three-day, live entertainment and activity-filled festival focusing on positivity and unity between all ethnicities and walks of life. Due to Brooklyn’s growth of cultural diversity; the need arose to bridge the gap between its new and existing inhabitants. Unity Fest focuses on positive, fun-filled interaction with others and celebrates unity through our diversity. The day’s activities are infused with the positive message of unity; to inspire the growing community, and to promote acceptance, peace, respect and love for our fellow man. The key to acceptance; is understanding. Getting to know all of the different cultures within your community, sets the perfect stage for newfound respect and friends!

Brooklyn Unity Fest is the perfect combination of acoustic, artistic and culinary expression. Free food & refreshments representing various cultures are made available throughout the day. People and organizations share their ideas and information through speeches, spoken word, and dance on topics such as: health, activism, politics, current events, the importance of non-violence and the detrimental effects of drugs within the community; to name a few. At Brooklyn Unity Fest; All is said and done in the spirit of UNITY.

Brooklyn Unity Fest unites ALL people regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, background, age, language, and social or financial standing.

Credits: Ofnie U-F-O (ID104 Radio Correspondent)

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